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We live to serve
Our goals are three-fold, viz.:
> to share our knowledge and experience;
> to provide high quality solutions;
> to assist those with skill, but no capital, to promote their own products, via our solutions page, to the world.
Knowledge Sharing
Check out our blog.
There will frequently be new and interesting topics posted.
High Quality solutions
As an example, check out our Solutions page.
All our solutions are vigourously tested, to ensure they are bug-free
Assisting others
Persons who believe they have a viable and marketable solution can contact us, via our "Contact" page, to add their solution to our product list. We ask a small percentage, to cover the administration costs, to market them.
12 July 2011
Our web page is launched. Now we are ready to face the world.
12 July 2011
Keep watching this space. Our products will soon be available for purchase and download.

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