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We offer a wide variety of services
1. - Data related services;
2. - Application Design (albeit GUI or web-based);
3. - Hardware per requirements;
4. - System Analysis, to faciltate design
Our data-related services include:
> Data Recovery;
> Database Design;
> Data Sourcing and processing;
> Business Intelligence
Why the focus on Data related services?
- Without data, business falls apart;
- Data has numerous uses, e.g. determining trends, analysing customer behaviour;
- Even personal data is valuable (e.g. those photos of that weekend away)
- Lost data may give rise to lost opportunities (or lost memories)

 Visual Design
> Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
> Web-based

Other Services
> Process Engineering
> System Analysis
> Hardware per user requirements

What interesting developments are taking place in our company?

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